How Big Is 1/18 Scale RC Car?

How big is 1/18 scale RC car

RC cars are available in many scales, one of which is 1/18 scale. So how big is 1/18 scale RC car? Why is it favored by many collectors? If you are wondering about these questions, this article is for you. Keep reading to catch the correct answer!

How Big Is 1/18 Scale RC Car?

1/18 scale RC cars typically range from 250 mm and 300 mm (or 10 inches to 12 inches) in length.

There is no exact size for 1/18 scale RC cars because they come in many sizes. They are 1/18th the size of the real vehicle.

Most 1/18 scale models made recently feature opening doors, boots, and bonnets along with operational steering wheels that can turn their front wheels. Their tires are typically fitted on the ‘springy’ suspension systems.

Their bonnets or hoods can commonly lift, allowing these RCs to showcase their highly detailed and accurate engine bay (whether a separate part or a section of the car).

Higher-end cars can also be fitted with accurate engine detail, genuine leather interiors, windscreen wipers, fully operational sunroofs, movable gear levers, adjustable seats, and many more realistic accessories.

Most 1/18 scale models are approximately 280 mm (11 inches) long by 130 mm (5 inches) wide by 100 mm (4 inches) tall, depending on the kind of car that is being represented.

It is obvious that 1:18 scale cars are perfect for visualizing any detail beloved by collectors.

Why Are 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars Popular?

1/18 Scale Diecast Car is considered one of the sought-after and highly collected models for many good reasons.

In our opinion, these models give us the best blend of detail and size. More importantly, they will display well on shelves or showcases.

If you want something more detailed, you usually won’t get this with a model that is only several inches long.

On the flip side, the slightly larger-scale RC cars will be a bit trickier to manage.

If you put it on a desk, it will take up the space you typically put a cup of coffee. If you place it on your shelf, its front wheels will lean off the ledge precariously.

1/18 scale RC cars deliver the ideal compromise. They enable showing many details without sacrificing the convenience of small models that let you put them anywhere.

On the other hand, many 1/18-scale RC cars come with moving parts, such as adjustable windshield wipers and spring-open doors.

What Is Scale?

what is scale

The diecast scale refers to a measure of diecast car size, which may seem confusing. But it is not so complicated.

Simply put, it represents the size relationship between diecast cars and actual vehicles that they are modeled after.

For example, 1/24 scale diecast toy cars are twenty-four times smaller than the actual cars they simulate.

The same goes for 1/18-scale cars which are 18 times smaller than actual cars. Note that 1:24 and 1/24 are exactly the same as far as the car scale is concerned.

Compared to the same vehicle model, version 1/24 is larger than 1/32, 1/43, 1/64, and so on. The bigger the denominator in your vehicle’s scale, the smaller your car.

Here is a table of sizes based on the scale. Remember that your car’s actual size might differ based on the real car’s size that the diecast replica is representing:

  • 1/64 Scale: From 2.5 to 3 inches (or from  6 to 7.5 cm)
  • 1/43 Scale: From 3.5 to 5 inches (or from 8 to 12 cm)
  • 1/32 Scale: From 4 to 6 inches (or from 10 to 15 cm)
  • 1/24 Scale: From 6.5 to 8 inches (From 16 to 20 cm)
  • 1/18 Scale: From 9 to 12 inches (or from 24 to 30 cm)

So 1/18 scale RC cars are typically about 9 to 12 inches (depending on the size of actual cars). 1/24 scale cars are normally about 6.5 to 8 inches.

Many cars produced in the smaller scales (such as 1/32 and 1/38) are designed so that they will be exactly five inches long, whatever the scale.

Finally, the 1/64 scale RC car is the same size as the “matchbox” car, typically from 2/5 to 3 inches.

Finally, it is essential to note that larger vehicles, such as construction vehicles or trucks, are often produced on a smaller scale (1/64 or 1/50).

However, they will approximate the size of the 1/24 scale RC car as the actual vehicles are much larger.


What Does RC Car Stand For?

RC cars, or Radio-controlled cars, refer to miniature model cars, buses, trucks, buggies, or vans that can be controlled from a distance by utilizing a specialized remote or transmitter.

The word “RC” has been utilized to stand for both “radio controlled” and “remote controlled.”

How Big Is 1/10 Scale RC Car?

The size of a 1/10 scale RC car might range from 5 to 9.12 inches high, 7.7 to 12.25 inches wide, and 16.25 to 22.36 inches long.

How Big Is a 1/14 RC Car?

It depends on the model we are mentioning. On average, the 1/14 scale RC car tends to be approximately 13 x 9 x 8 inches.

How Big is a 1/16 Scale RC Car?

  • Height: From 4 to 4.92 Inches (From 102 to 125 mm)
  • Width: From 7 to 7.3 Inches (From 178 to 185 mm)
  • Length: From 10 to 14 Inches (From 272 to 356 mm)

What Is the Fastest RC Car?

The XO-1 is the first RC car that can run up to 100 MPH out of the box, making it the fastest RC car ever made.

What Is The Largest RC Car In The World?

The largest RC car worldwide is the Mammuth Rewarron, which is the only 1/3 scale RC car. It is produced by Mammuth, and also is one of the most robust RC cars. Although, it is not available yet.

The largest RC model you can buy is the Primal RC Raminator Monster truck.

What Size is a 1/16 Scale in Inches?

Most 1:16 scale RC vehicles are approximately 10 to 14 inches in length.

How Fast Are 1/16 Scale RC Cars?

1/16 scale cars can reach speeds of up to 55 MPH with the proper care and the right electronics.

Proper usage of the car and compliance with a proper maintenance plan might increase the MPH of the vehicle and how long it will last.

How To Pick The Proper Scale RC Car For You?

  1. Your budget: RC cars are available at many prices, so you need to choose something that fits your budget. Mini or micro cars are usually the most affordable options, whereas large-scale cars can be costly.
  2. The space available: If you have a small area, you should choose a mini or micro car. If you own more room to race, picking a larger model is okay.
  3. Skill level:  If you’re a newbie, it is wise to choose a smaller car.

The Bottom Line

How big is 1/18 scale RC car? There is no exact answer to this question, but they usually range from 250 mm and 300 mm (or 10 inches to 12 inches) in length.

Hopefully, this article was useful to you! Thanks for your time!

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