Can Two 2.4 GHz RC Cars Run At The Same Time?

Can two 2.4 GHz Rc Cars At The Same Time

As an RC car enthusiast, controlling two RC cars sharing the same frequency would be a fun experience. But can 2 2,4 GHz RC cars run at the same time?

Is it possible to simultaneously control two RC vehicles sharing the same frequency?

Experimenting with new things and breaking the limits will give you much more excitement.

Yet, many players are concerned about the frequency interference, and it’s also an annoying problem.

So, how many RC cars can run at the same time? I will discuss these issues in detail and give you a reasonable explanation.

Can 2 2.4 GHz RC Cars Run At The Same Time?

The answer is yes. In fact, you can run up to 6 RC cars simultaneously if they share the same frequency of 2,4 GHz.

The amount of vehicles depends on their frequency, which will reduce to only 2 cars on 49 MHz or 27 MHz.

You can run more vehicles simultaneously if they share a lower frequency and vice versa. This practice applies to most RC products from various brands.

Adjust The RC Car’s Frequency

Take Traxxas’ RC cars, for example. You can control two Traxxas RC vehicles at the same time if they share the 2,4 GHz frequency.

However, it is only possible if your cars have an AM TQ system and they also have the same frequency.

This famous RC brand features six frequency ranges in the RC car’s radio systems, so you can easily avoid frequency interference problems.

But coming back to the question, there will be some inconveniences you have to deal with.

To make it clearer, it’s possible to control the same RC vehicle using two remote controllers with the same radio frequency.

But you cannot use one controller to ride two vehicles of the same signal range.

When riding two RC vehicles sharing the same frequency, signal interference will happen.

I will explain this issue in more detail, so follow the section below to discover more.

What Happens If Two RC Vehicles Have The Same Frequency?

As mentioned above, you can simultaneously control up to 6 RC cars with 2,4 GHz. Still, you need to eliminate the signal interference issue.

It will make the vehicles get jittery, stutter, or become unable to move.

These problems happen when the radio signals on the RC cars are jammed since they can get controlled by only one remote.

It will lead to erratic behaviors in the two vehicles and negatively affect your playing experience.

Therefore, you should keep the RC vehicles distanced, especially when using RC cars with much higher frequencies, such as 49 MHz or 27 MHz.

It’s because the high radio frequency can easily infuse each car’s remote.

This issue is minimized on 2,4 GHz cars since the radio frequency is much lower.

However, frequency interference still happens when you put the RC vehicles too close to each other.

If you want to run many 2,4 GHz RC vehicles at the same time, remember to keep them further away from the others.

If the vehicles run to the same spot, signal interference will occur and affect the cars.

For this reason, you need to increase the distance between RC cars depending on their signal level. The higher the frequency, the more distancing is needed to avoid interference.

Another solution is purchasing RC vehicles with the band selection, which allows users to adjust the car’s radio frequency.

Traxxas always equips this function in its product’s radio with up to 6 different frequency ranges.

This feature allows you to adjust the band selection on each vehicle to avoid signal interference.

As a result, they can run at close distances without any jams or problems.

Don’t Put The Vehicles Too Close

How To Avoid RC Car Radio Frequency Interference?

I recommend that you choose vehicles with different radio frequencies for racing competitions or leisure playing.

Premium products have the ability to adjust the radio frequency, which should not be a big problem.

However, this feature is not compatible with lower-end RC categories, so ensure to check the vehicles’ radio frequency before making the purchase decision.

There are color codes used to differentiate the cars’ signals, which are:

  • Channel 1 – Brown: 26.995MHz.
  • Channel 2 – Red: 27.045MHz.
  • Channel 3 – Orange: 27.095MHz.
  • Channel 4 – Yellow: 27.145MHz
  • Channel 5 – Green: 27.195MHz
  • Channel 6 – Blue: 27.255MHz.

If you already purchase many RC vehicles sharing the same radio frequency, ensure to keep a moderate distance between them.

This means you cannot ride the cars on the same track without frequency interference.

Though 2,4 GHz is not as powerful as 49 or 47 MHz, the signal infusion is still unavoidable.

A solution for this setback is changing the cars’ frequency, which I shall discuss more clearly in the next section.

Changing An RC Car Frequency

If you want to hold an RC race, ensure to choose RC vehicles with different radio frequencies.

Another solution is changing the vehicle’s frequencies to avoid signal interference.

The easiest way is to use a crystal set, which is available in many electrical gadget stores or RC shops.

Meanwhile, some RC vehicles feature built-in options to help users adjust their frequencies.

Depending on the type of vehicle, you can change its radio frequency by adjusting the crystal.

You should adjust the crystals in the remote control and receiver to set the car to a different radio frequency.

After changing the radio frequency, you can use two distinct controllers to ride two RC cars of the same type without interference.

However, frequency adjustment is not supported on all types of RC vehicles.

Therefore, it’s best to check the owner’s manual to see if your toy supports this feature.

This video instructs you on changing the RC car’s frequency in the simplest ways. Follow it to learn the proper methods!


I hope that you are satisfied with the answer. The additional information below will help you learn more interesting things about your 2,4 GHz RC car.

Can 2 RC Cars Run At The Same Time?

Yes, it’s possible to ride 2 RC cars with the same frequency, but you have to keep them isolated.

Signal interference may happen when a remote takes control of the two vehicles since they share the same radio signal.

In addition, you cannot use a remote to control two cars at once.

It’s also impossible to avoid frequency infusion when the two cars have too powerful a radio signal (much higher than 49 MHz).

Choose RC Vehicles With Different Frequencies If You Want To Race

Is 2.4 GHz Good For RC?

2,4 GHz is a standard radio frequency on RC vehicles, boats, and planes, but it’s not as efficient as the 49 MHz.

It allows users to control their remote cars from a more extended range, but the vehicle’s speed is compromised.

However, you can drive more than 2,4 GHz vehicles simultaneously (up to 6), while the number is limited to only two on 27 or 49 MHz cars.

How Far Can A 2.4 GHz Remote Control Car?

The average control range of 2,4 GHz RC cars is within 90 meters (300 feet).

Some high-end vehicles can go for up to 300 to even 500 meters before losing the signal.

The signals can travel further if you ride the RC car on a plain field with no objects.

Meanwhile, indoor walls, trees, and houses can obstruct the signal and limit the range.

Can Wi-Fi Signal Interfere With RC Vehicles?

Unless the RC car and controller use a different type of signal, wifi can interfere with the connection.

It may infuse the RC radio signals and hinder the movement of your RC vehicle.

If the vehicle frequently loses connection with the controller when playing, you should turn off the wifi network.

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How Fast Is A 2.4 GHz RC?

The radio signal is the bridge between the controller and the RC vehicle.

Higher frequencies allow you to control the car from a further distance, but they don’t indicate the gadget’s speed.

You cannot decide if a 2,4 GHz RC is fast or slow based on its frequency.

Final Thoughts

Can 2 2.4 GHz RC cars at the same time? The answer is Yes.

You can run two 2,4 GHz RC cars simultaneously, but ensure to keep a minimum distance between them to avoid signal interference.

You can purchase vehicles with the band selection to adjust their radio signal.

It’s also the reason why some vehicles will lose control when you ride them in groups.

I hope that the answer and instruction provided can help you ride 2,4 GHz vehicles without any signal interference.

For any further questions, please comment and let me know.

Thank you for reading!

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