Can I Use a Different Remote for My RC Car?

Can I use a different remote for my RC car

RC Cars are miniature models of actual cars. They are usually controlled by a special remote that is powered by a battery.

These remotes include buttons to let you navigate your RC as desired, and they often look pretty much the same.

With that in mind, you might wonder, “Can I use a different remote for my RC car?” That’s the question that many RC racers have when they lose their remote.

We will answer this question. So keep reading to see more!

Can I Use a Different Remote for My RC Car?

Yes. RC remote controls are interchangeable. It means you can use a different remote for your RC car, but you need to make some adjustments.

You need a remote control with the same frequency as the original one and has similar controls. So, it is hard to use the RC plane remote control for an RC car.

You must modify the control slightly to make it work well with your RC vehicle.

If the frequency of your car and the new RC remote aren’t the same, changing the frequency on your RC vehicle is okay to get the job done!

What Is a Remote Control Of the RC Car?

RC remote controls are interchangeable

The term “RC” stands for Remote Controlled or Radio-controlled. Nowadays, radio-controlled is more used.

A remote-controlled car usually involves the car you control from a remote location. Meanwhile, the radio-controlled car is a car that is remotely controlled using radio waves.

These terms have quite similar meanings in today’s RC world and are sometimes used interchangeably for the same RC cars. Hence, the remote-controlled vehicle is pretty much the same as the radio-controlled one.

A radio system is essential to control any car remotely. During use, your remote control will generate and send radio signals to a receiver on your RC, which usually takes the form of an antenna.

After that, the receiver will translate these signals into commands to make your RC work as you want via mechanical or electronic processes.

All Parts of the Radio System

Here are the main parts of the RC cars’ radio system:


Regarding the transmitter, its main task is to take the different positions of the control inputs or channels, followed by encoding them in various formats.

After that, encoded inputs will be encoded together into packets or frames to be transmitted or broadcasted via radio frequencies.

Regarding the forming output channels, the transmitter might carry out processing on the controller.

Also, the combined inputs will synthesize the output channels in a few cases.

The transmitter will process the signals or messages gained into a proper form to transmit them over the many communication channels.


The receiver is responsible for processing any signals it receives from the transmitter to recover the proper message signals. This component also functions in listening to the transmissions on one specific channel.

As soon as the receiver receives a transmission, it will decode the frame and every one of the frequencies.

Moreover, the receiver also takes care of processing the channels. In case of a lack of signals or receiving invalid signals from the transmitter, it will carry out special processing.


The servo is the actuator that contributes to making the position of channels from electronic outputs with receivers supporting them. The fact is that any unit that features the proper format can actually control the servos.

Some servos can also perform processing on the positioning signals to adapt them to all specific situations.

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How to Match the Frequency of My RC Car and a Remote Control?

match the frequency

Here is a guide to match the frequency of your RC car to an RC controller:

  • Step 1: Release all the screws of your RC vehicle. After that, remove all the outer covering components. Then, the inner parts will be exposed.
  • Step 2: Detach all the screws of your RC car’s circuit board so you can do the following steps.
  • Step 3: Release all the screws of your RC car controller and remove the outer coverings.
  • Step 4: Looking at the circuit board of your RC remote control Remote, it is easy to see a variable transformer determining the frequency.
  • Step 5: Find a screwdriver of proper size, insert it inside the transformer slot and rotate it almost entirely rotation.
  • Step 6: Now is the time to direct your eyes to the RC cardboard, and you should find one transformer slot.
  • Step 7: Take a screwdriver, insert this transformer slot, and begin rotating it. Remember that when you rotate, you also need to press either of the buttons on the remote control.

Thanks to that, you will immediately know whenever the frequency matches up.

After you perform the steps correctly, you should match the frequency of your RC car and a new remote controller.


Can I Use A RC Plane Transmitter To Control My RC Car?

Generally, it is possible to use the RC plane transmitter or the drone transmitter to control your RC car.

But you must perform some technical setup to ensure these transmitters are compatible with your existing RC vehicle.

If you are inexperienced, have no technical knowledge, and are not confident in tackling these complex steps, this path is not for you. But if you are a curious person, you should try to do it yourself.

We tried to find resources to utilize a drone transmitter to control an RC car, but we couldn’t.

Fortunately, we found a video that shows how to control the RC car utilizing an Airplane transmitter:

Can I Control my RC Car With A Phone?

The answer is yes. Some modern RC cars are manufactured with built-in features to allow you to control them with your phone.

But if your RC car is old, you might have to make some modifications to control it through your smartphone.

If your RC car supports Bluetooth, chances are you can download an app on your phone to control it.

However, once you can be sure that your RC car does not support phone control, then your only option is to modify your RC car.

You can refer video below to learn how to make your own smartphone-controlled RC car:

Do RC Car Remotes Have a Good Range?

Generally, RC cars have a great range. It allows you to communicate with the RC car across hundreds of meters, making them very effective.

But, they are prone to be blocked by physical objects in their way. It means buildings and structures can cause you to lose connection with your RC car.

Why Does My Remote Sometimes Lose Connection Sometimes?

There are several reasons why your remote control is not working, such as the low battery, loose wire in your RC car, or remote control. In addition, physical objects, such as buildings, can also be the culprit of your connection loss.

The Bottom Line

Can I use a different remote for my RC car? Yes, you can. Yet, ensure the new remote control has the same frequency and controls as the original one.

If you want to use a remote control, which is different in frequency from your RC, you can change the frequency on your RC vehicle.

Hopefully, you found this post useful. Thanks for your time!

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